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Welcome to Essunga

Essunga municipality - one of the best rural communities for companies, visitors and people of all ages.

Essunga Municipality has 5,520 inhabitants and is located in the heart of western Sweden. Half the population live in the rural areas and the other half in small pleasant urban communities. Nossebro, with its population of 2,000, is the main town.

The river NossanSmall, rural and contented

In Essunga you can enjoy the tranquillity with little fuss. Nossan is a popular river for fishing, but for salmon you could try the waters of Kyrkås.

The river Nossan runs through the community

In the country shop of Krokstorp, you can find anything between heaven and earth, and things you didn't even know existed. Good buys can also be found att the communities nursery for plants, the Ginza music stores or Erikssons chark, which is famous for it's sausages.

Nossebro country fair

The last Wednesday every month, except in December, Nossebro is dominated by the fair. The marketplace is situated in the centre of the community of Nossebro. Just remember not to sleep in - the fair starts at 7 am and continues to 1 pm.

Retro Nossebro

Nossebro is full of buildings, activities, events and attractions from the 1950-1970's era, which we call "Retro Nossebro". Even outside the central community there are a number of attractions from the same era.

This niche we came up with some years ago (2010) when we thought about how we could “stand out” from our neighbour communities. At the same we discovered a former electrical shop, located on our main street, which has been closed with all his contents and merchandise throughout 40 years. This unique shop, which is now a museum, and our old cinema, cafes and numerous retro event was the start of an EU application, which funded a “retro” development in Nossebro. It also resulted in a retro apartment "Second Floor" three room apartment completely furnished from the 1960s, which has attracted several thousand visitors in just over two years. We also have a tourist accommodation in 1960s style, a vintage scooter shop, arrangements of a yearly Power Meet with 1,500 American cars from the 1950-70's, monthly Nossebro Market ( more than 10,000 visitors) and many more activities and events.

We counted all visitors to all events who came to Nossebro 2011. Nossebro with its 1,800 inhabitants had between 150,000 and 175,000 visitors.

The interest is growing and now Retro Nossebro will be part of a larger project, Retro Road, more than 160 km long.

Favourably situated

Essunga is favourably situated with many large places at commuter distance. Within 80 kilometres there are 1.3 million people, seven university colleges and twelve towns. The E20 runs through the southern part of the municipality and provides excellent connections to, among other places, Gothenburg, which is only 80 kilometres away.

A variety of commercial enterprises provide our residents with employment, progress and development.

Around 30 percent of the working population are employed within manufacturing industries and 20 percent within healthcare and nursing. Farming and the building industry employs around 10 percent.


Essunga is a municipality with a balanced economy and a promising financial future. Low local taxes and housing costs - you have money to spare!
Our residents know they get a good range of quality municipal services at a reasonable price.

Recreation and culture

A good variety of clubs and societies is of great value to local people. New residents can quickly make contacts through a club or society.
We uphold our history and traditions and learn from them to create a municipality for the future.

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